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August 2012
Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 7 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.

Kindle Edition eBook "The Hidden Power in Humans - Chakras and Kundalini"

New eBook: On the occasion of blue moon purnima we are happy to present you the English Kindle Edition of the book "The Hidden Power in Humans - Chakras and Kundalini". The Chakra Book by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda contains a comprehensive overview and insight into the workings of the energy centres found within us, and the dormant powers that influence our destiny. Chakras are those energy centres through which the Cosmic energy flows into the human body. The practise of "Yoga in Daily Life" can awaken these centres, which are manifest in each and every person.

World Peace Trees planting in Jadan

On August 15 three auspicious events were celebrated at once. Next to Swamiji's Birthday and the Independence Day of India, Swamiji also planted His 66th & 67th World Peace Trees! Continue reading here. Watch video on youtube.

Great Article on Corporate Yoga in the Financial Times

The mind business by David Gelles: Yoga, meditation, ‘mindfulness’ – why some of the west’s biggest companies are embracing eastern spirituality? Continue reading this article here or read the PDF version. It could be interesting for all yoga centers.

Jadan Rainwater Harvesting Monsoon Update

We believe that it was the blessing of our Gurudev that along with His recent arrival to India and to Jadan the monsoon clouds finally hit Jadan ashram and rain started to pour down! Continue reading here. Watch video on youtube.

Successful Camps at Jadan Hospital

On August 17 our Hospital provided successful blood donation camp and free medical camp. Many accidents are happening on the roads and you can save lives by donating blood.

Swamiji in Auckland

On Sunday, 12th of August 2012, Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust celebrated the landmark event in the history of India, ‘The 66th India Independence Day’, at the heart of the city Auckland.

Olympic Gold for athlete additionally trained in YIDL!

Eva Risztov from Hungary won Olympic Gold in women's swim marathon in London. For her preparation, since last September she absolved a yoga-training with Tyagpuri (Tibor Kökény) from Yoga in Daily Life center in Debrecen.

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