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September 2012
Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 8 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.

Kindle Edition eBook "Selected Pearls"

New eBook: We are happy to present you the English Kindle Edition of the book "Selected Pearls". A collection of favorite satsangs and lectures by Swamiji on yoga, and on leading a healthy and happy life towards God realization. Please follow this link ....

International Peace Day Celebrations in Prachatice

The UN Day of peace has been celebrated in Prachatice for the last three years. This event has large support from the town authorities as well as from the public. This year we even received subsidy from the ministry of labour and social affairs.

UN Peaceday celebration in Salzburg

Salzburg Day of Peace 21/09/2012 At 21.9. with beautiful weather and warm temperatures the World Peace Day celebration took place in Hellbrunn Castle in Salzburg, which was jointly organised  by Yoga in Daily Life and the Salzburg peace network.

Day dedicated to peace - Croatia, 21 September 2012

International Day of Peace was traditionally celebrated by gathering around the peace trees in Croatian cities and with participation in the program "PEACE -TOLERANCE - SPIRITUALITY" on "ZAGREB YOGA FEST" conference.


Yoga in Daily Life - The System eBook

We have republished the eBook which has been available only on CD up to now. Features: 32,6 MB PDF, pictures optimised for excellent screen viewing, allowing good zooming quality (sharp up to 200x screen enlargement) optimal size/quality ratio, compatible with Acrobat 7 and later (due to the Password implementation). The password for opening the pdf is delivered together with the eBook. Please order the eBook from our eStore.

Celebration of UN Peace Day in Vienna

 To watch the 1minute long video please click here.

Jadan Ashram organic gardens in August

About August sabji production, late rains impact, new seeds in the ground, permanent garden opposite workshop, and many other developments in Jadan Ashram organic gardens read here.

New video list on

We are now providing an overview over the video content played thus far on Swamiji TV. Please have a look here:

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