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Czech-Slovak Vegetarian Meeting


Martin foto J Halasa 600

On 5 January 2016, in the Town Hall of Martin, Slovakia, a large Czech-Slovak gathering came together to focus on farming, food and vegetarianism. A meeting of experts was followed by public lectures and discussions, and then a shared dinner at a popular local Vegetarian restaurant.

The event was organized by the Martin Initiative for Quality School Nutrition, established in 2013 and supported by the international Yoga in Daily Life community, with the aim to promote international, national and local efforts in improving public health. (more here:

Among the participants and guest speakers were prominent Czech and Slovak physicians, nutritionists, agriculture experts, and other personalities with an interest in food and farming.

It was unanimously agreed that people should be encouraged to continue choosing a vegetarian lifestyle, as a means of creating a happy and positive life for their family and society, as well as protecting the lives of all creatures of our world.


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