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Declaration WTP - SFH 2011

Many of you know and remember Dr. Timi Ecimovic who was VIP guest and speaker in all World Peace Summits of Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council. About him you can read on his website

Dr. Ecimovic has launched an initiative and declaration named "The World Thinkers' Panel on the Sustainable Future of Humankind" and has invited Swamiji co-author of this declaration. To make this declaration public he has asked to send it around the globe to all YIDL centers which Swamiji has agreed.

The following words are cited form Dr. Ecimoivic's last message to Swamiji:

Discussing the declaration "The World Thinkers' Panel on the Sustainable Future of Humankind" it has been nicely announced at Xiamen, China. I would like to mention how important is to put our efforts together for common goal - the sustainable future of humankind.

"Yoga in Daily Life" Swamiji, you and followers have done so much in past and present, that I was always very proud of your work. I am thinking to ask you to send the declaration to different "Yoga in Daily Life" centers around the Globe, to look for possible co-operation.

It would be appreciated if someone in each country could translate the text. Every language except English and Slovenian is needed. Of course all this as voluntary work. I hope, it will be done till end of this year.
Please accept my best regards to both of you, and I remain,

Yours Friendly,


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