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European award for Dharma Hostel and Yoga in Daily Life Cultural Hall, Rijeka


In the 2015 conference of the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) held in Riga, Latvia, the Dharma Hostel and Yoga in Daily Life Cultural Hall in Rijeka, Croatia, have been awarded with recognition of "Industrial and Technical Heritage of Europe". The development was presented with the “Industriana” facade label - with a QR code - making them the first buildings in Croatia with this symbol.

Behind the QR code, which can be easily downloaded on any smartphone, lies a story about the revitalization of part of the former industrial complex Plumbum - Vulkan into the hostel and cultural hall.

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The formal unveiling ceremony and presentation of the “Industriana” label on 21 January 2016 took place in the coastal city of Rijeka, and was attended by special guests: City Mayor Vojko Obersnel; head of the Department for Entrepreneurship of the City of Rijeka, Andrija Vitezić; director of Rijeka Tourist Association Petar Skarpa; Adviser to the Minister of Tourism Ivo Bašić; managers of Dharma Hostel Andro Stošić and Vera Lončar; president of Yoga in Daily Life Association Neven Tomašic; and architect Petra Karuza.

During the label unveiling ceremony, the mayor congratulated the organisers and managers for this recognition, awarded by the European Cultural Tourism Network, and said:

"This is really a remarkable example of how industrial heritage can be converted into a completely different business activity. This is further proof that when you have the desire and vision - and knowledge of course - you can achieve success. And this is undoubtedly a success."

The mayor also noted that in cooperation with the City of Rijeka project: "Rijeka - the Healthy City", there have been free Yoga in Daily Life classes successfully organized in the Culture Hall for people older than 50 years, with a large number of participants attending over the past three consecutive years.

Adviser to the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Ivo Basic said:
"I would like to congratulate you on this innovative project, and the courage to bring forth such a beautiful facility and hostel within the factory complex",
adding that this project is a good example of sustainable development, which is one of the main determinants of tourism development in Croatia.

He also stressed that this was a great example of a specialized and professional approach to tourism, which enables guests to practice yoga by the Yoga in Daily Life system and offers healthy meals fitting an international lacto-vegetarian diet.

Apart from journalists and representatives of national and local media outlets, the ceremony was attended by representatives of the Technical Faculty, the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Centre for Industrial Heritage of the University of Rijeka, plus representatives of various associations of the "Rijeka – the Healthy City" project, and numerous guests and dear friends.

The expected program protocol duration of 30 minutes extended to more than 2 hours, in a friendly atmosphere, accompanied by vegetarian snacks and Indian chai (spiced tea).

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