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Summer with His Holiness Swamiji 2013


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For two weeks in Vep, Hungary and one week in Strilky, Czech Republic, more than 3000 practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life have enjoyed the unique annual Summer Yoga retreat with H.H Swamiji. Practicing Sadhana under his guidance, finding time for oneself, amongst the 30 hectares of beautiful gardens and healthy nourishment are part of each day. The prana and air here in Strilky is strikingly fresh compared to the cities where most of us have come from, we are here to recharge and feel our inner peace. It’s both healing and energizing, in this wonderful and natural environment of God’s creation.

The theme of this years seminar has been Brahma Vidhya (spiritual knowledge), Swamiji told us that through Brahma Vidhya we will realize Brahma Gyana (knowledge about Brahman), He said “the Master works with the disciples and the students in a very beautiful, pure and natural atmosphere, and there the Brahma Vidhya  is given”.

This year there is also a special program for the youth union of Yoga in Daily Life, where all children are learning to create healthy, happy and harmonious connected families. Hundreds of children are enjoying Yoga classes, Satangs, walks, playing, singing, gardening, art, performing and of course healthy food.

The Satsangs each day provide adults and children alike with inspiration and happiness. The weather has been warm and we are enjoying fruits and vegetables from the organic gardens in abundance. We thank Gurudev for His blessings and the joy He continuously brings to our lives. Like an evening on the meadow where we all sang bhajans by candle light.

Here’s some inspiration from Satsangs with Swamiji this week:

"Knowledge has no end, the source of knowledge is Brahman and the best knowledge is to be a real human, so we shall develop our hidden potential within us".

“All the powers you have within you are very beautiful, and all has been given to you free”.

“Understand what it means to be a human, how rich you are. We are the savior of ourselves and for others”.

“The Mantra; Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara…… shows that the Guru has that capacity, that is His portfolio, in order to bring the Bhaktas to Brahma Gyana”.

"God does not belong to any particular religion. God does not divide, God sees all in oneness."

"Yoga in Daily Life is a beautiful and great system like an endless ocean, the ocean of wisdom. It has been designed for the wellbeing of the entire planet to awake the positive qualities and good talents in humans."


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