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Vishwaguruji: Living for others

The Covid-19 virus has caused an extreme situation in the world and it has many negative effects. On the other hand, there are many positive examples and situations around the globe which show that humanity can join together and help each other. 

Like many countries, India has ordered a nationwide curfew, lasting for several weeks. However, there are many poor people who are badly affected by this lockdown and are no longer able to earn an income, including in the state of Rajasthan, where the Yoga in Daily Life Om Ashram is situated.

So Vishwaguruji immediately organized an international collection of donations in order to purchase and distribute food to the local village people, located near to the ashram. 

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Vishwaguruji often says, “Helping hands have more value than folded hands.”

He inspires all towards doing selfless work throughout his lectures, such as recorded in this beautiful video on YouTube titled, Living for others.

“The light, happiness and knowledge are constantly coming to those who have spirituality."

So the human should find some symbol, or Guru or God, where he can reflect his/her love, devotion. That light will turn back, and human can work through that light. Therefore, people who work selflessly for others in this word, their source of love will come from somewhere else, because they live for others.

"Never count that you have helped someone, you have no rights over what you have given to others. If you claim your rights, it will be selfish help.”

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