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Yoga in Daily Life presentation at Croatian Symposium of Social Workers

Yoga in Daily Life Croatia has presented their work with socially endangered groups at the 7th Symposium of Social Workers in Zadar, with the theme, "Practice of social work from the perspective of users and professionals". Švenda Radeljak Ksenija - Kamala, and Alen Minić - Gopala,, who are both teachers of Yoga in Daily Life in Zagreb and profes s ional social workers, held a workshop titled "Yoga as a help for professional stress relief for workers", and a lecture "Strengthening of socially endangered groups through systematic practicing of yoga with the system Yoga in Daily Life." Throughout the presentation Alen drew from rich experiences of working within the social care system, as well as his experiences of implementing the ancient knowledge of yoga in the daily life circumstances of social care users.

Reactions of symposium participants and colleagues from regions around Croatia were excellent, and both the presentation and workshop had  extremely good feedback from professionals.

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A recount of social programs of Yoga in Daily Life in Croatia: since 2006 a free Yoga for Seniors program has been provided in a gerontoligical centre; since 2005, the very popular recreation of practicing Yoga in Nature (beaches, parks, etc); for some years the very popular programs , Yoga for the Unemployed and Yoga for Women suffering from Breast Cancer have been running; and the newest program, most topical at the moment, is Yoga for Asylum Seekers

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