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International Day of Yoga 2022 around the world with YIDL – part 2

Yoga in Daily Life practitioners celebrate the International Day of Yoga 2022 in Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain & Cuba.

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21 June 2022 – Croatian centres of Yoga in Daily Life joined this year's celebration of International Day of Yoga with 16 different events throughout Croatia.

Yoga in Daily Life, as a partner of the Indian Embassy in Croatia, participated in achieving the goal of organising 75 events that would mark 75 years of Indian independence. Indian Ambassador in Croatia, H.E. Mr Raj Kumar Srivastava, opened and participated in many events organised by Yoga in Daily Life, together with many other distinguished guests, mayors and representatives of town authorities.

Events organised by Yoga in Daily Life began on 12 June in Samobor and continued on 18 June in Labin, Split, Varaždin, Zaprešić and Zagreb. In Zagreb's Maksimir Park, where a free Yoga in Daily Life Summer Programme has been organised for the last 18 years, an early morning session of 'Bari Khatu Pranam'  was part of the celebration events. 

In Split, recognising the importance of teaching new generations, the event took place in two parts, for children and adults.  

On 19 June, celebrations continued in Karlovac, in the new ashram near Karlovac, in Vukovar and throughout Istria – in Novigrad, Umag, Rovinj and Pula.

At the Sri Alakhpuriji Ashram, the whole day was dedicated to yoga, prayers, chanting mantras, meditating and practising asanas and pranayama.

There was also an all-day program in Novigrad. The usual morning programme was enriched with an evening cultural program marking the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Indian independence. The evening program was opened by Ms Lakshmi Srivastava, wife of the Indian Ambassador, with appropriate mantras dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The Lapidarium Museum exhibited paintings by Kamala Devi from Zagreb, followed by a performance by the classical Indian dancer of Bharatanatyam, Bhakti Devi from Vienna.

Rijeka celebrated Yoga Day on 21 June. In cooperation with the Embassy of India and the City of Rijeka, the programme took place in the park of the Yoga in Daily Life Culture Hall and Hostel Dharma, and all present were greeted by the Mayor of Rijeka, Mr. Marko Filipovic.

The celebrations concluded in Zagreb, at the big central celebration of all yoga schools in Zrinjevac Park in the very centre of the city. The programme was led by Yoga in Daily Life, the Croatian Yoga Association and the Art of Living – working together, because yoga means harmony and unity in diversity.

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Yoga in Daily Life teachers and students took part in IDY celebrations at an outdoor yoga programme in the historical Market Square next to the Town Hall, in the centre of Hamburg.

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The IDY celebrations in Hungary were preceded by an 11-day free online programme called '11 Days Sadhana'. This provided a 30-minute online practice three times per day, designed for all ages. During the 11-day programme, newly graduated yoga instructors were involved as an assignment of their 1-year Yoga Instructor Training.

An online Indian vegetarian cooking workshop was organised where Swami Chandra Puri from Bari Khatu Ashram in India, demonstrated how to prepare Indian soup, chapati and Indian masala chai (tea). And a vegan cookie-making workshop was also held, where participants could join online and in person.

The day of IDY, 21 June, was the monumental closing event of the 11 Days programme, and was also an assignment for the future yoga teachers of the 1-year Yoga Instructor Training to organise the IDY programme, cooperating with each other and their centre. It was concluded by workshops, lectures, Bari Khatu Pranam practice and an introduction in every town where YIDL centres are situated.

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On the occasion of IDY 2022, a series of free classes were held in Nadlac and Pecica. 

Adults, as well as children, had the opportunity to practise exercises from the YIDL System, from Yoga Against Back Pain and the Yoga for Children programmes.

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This year, the YIDL teachers team of Serbia organised an outdoor yoga class, and also visited the Children's Village in Sremska Kamenica and the Peace Tree planted several years ago by the author of Yoga in Daily Life, Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.

The programme, held on Sunday 19 June, was an open-air yoga class in Limanski Park in Novi Sad. More than 50 members of the Yoga in Daily Life Association gathered together and practised yoga in the beautiful atmosphere of the shaded park. It was especially nice to see the children who, in the first rows, practised with a lot of enthusiasm and skills.
After the session, a group of YIDL Association members visited children (orphans and those without parental care) in the Children's Village in Sremska Kamenica (near Novi Sad).

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On Sunday 19 June, yoga events took place at many locations around Slovakia. The biggest event was held in Martin, in the garden of the new Ashram, which was blessed by Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda three years ago. People practised Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Against Back Pain with a physiotherapist, Bari Khatu Pranam and Yoga for Children.

Yoga in Daily Life members in Banska Bystrica chose a different style of celebration: participants hiked to places in Sliac, where Vishwaguruji had walked in the past, and spent a nice time together in the beautiful countryside full of energy, prana.

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Spain and Cuba


On Saturday 18 June, a Yoga in Daily Life Master Class was provided at Nova Icària beach, in Barcelona. The class was in-person in collaboration with the Nova Icaria Sport & Fit gym. This event contributed to making yoga visible in the city and sharing its practice and values with the public.

On Monday and Tuesday 20-21 June, free Open Doors Yoga classes were offered at the YIDL Ashram in Barcelona, on Monday from 6.30-8pm, and on Tuesday from 7-8.30pm (Levels 2 and 3). 

On Tuesday 21 June, a Brahma Muhurta Meditation was led at Nova Icària beach at sunrise. The one-hour morning session, with participants from Barcelona, included Nadi shodhana pranayama and self-inquiry meditation. Free yoga classes were given at Nova Icària Esport & Fit gym later in the day as well as in Pallejà Sport Center, just outside Barcelona.


Also on 21 June, online classes were taught in Gran Canaria to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. 


On Monday 20 June, the eve of IDY, a YIDL class was provided by Mata Mahima, and on 21 June, classes were provided to students online.

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