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YIDL celebrates International Day of Yoga 2022 around the world – part 1

This is the 8th year that the International Day of Yoga (IDY) has been celebrated around the world, since the first occasion on 21 June 2015. In recognition of the unexpected human tragedy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's celebration was given the theme, "Yoga for Humanity".

Yoga practice has a boosting impact on the immune system and also balances the nervous system, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, and build resilience. Consequently, starting or continuing yoga practice has been highly beneficial in helping people endure the difficult physical, mental and social circumstances caused by the pandemic, over the past couple of years.

On the International Day of Yoga, thousands of people celebrated with Yoga in Daily Life – from Oceania and Asia to Europe and the Americas. Wherever there are Yoga in Daily Life centres in the world, there were yoga events, classes and vegetarian picnics for this special occasion.

Here is a brief overview of how International Day of Yoga was celebrated in just some of the many Yoga in Daily Life locations around the world – in two parts.

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On 19 June, the sun rose and shone down on the green meadows of Střílky, where yoga, meditation and mantra singing have been practised for 50 years.

This residential yoga retreat centre in the countryside, with its very special atmosphere, gave a perfect place for the celebration of Yoga, and on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga, H.H. Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwarananda, founder of Yoga in Daily Life, and special guest H.E. Hemant Kotalwar, Ambassador of India to the Czech Republic, were present to take part in the special events.

The programme included lectures, yoga demonstrations, yoga practice and children's programmes.

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On 16 June, the IDY celebrations took place in Kutná Hora with the participation of the Secretary of the Indian Embassy, Mr Dasse, and his entourage. Participants practised exercises according to the Yoga in Daily Life system.

On 21 June, a public yoga session took place in Zbraslavice, in the Kutná Hora region. 


On 21 June, people celebrated IDY with a program led by experienced instructor Vilém Vivékpuri Laschober. A demonstration of a yoga class was performed – including relaxation, asanas, pranayama and mantras. Then vegetarian snacks were served. 


On the IDY, people gathered together indoors and outside to practise yoga. The exercises were designed for all ages and there was also a special yoga programme for children.

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In the 75th anniversary year of Independence in India, IDY2022 was celebrated with programmes in several Yoga in Daily Life ashrams in India.


At the OM Vishwa Deep Gurukul Swami Maheshwaranand Ashram in Jadan, Rajasthan, special free classes were provided for ashram residents and people living in the local area.

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Swami Chandrapuri, from Sri Deepeshwar Mahadev Shiv Bag Ashram in Bari Khatu, gave a free yoga, pranayama and meditation class for students at the nearby government senior secondary school.

2022 idy khatu in government senior secondary school2022 idy khatu in 32022 idy khatu in 22022 idy khatu swami chandra puri


Practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life have marked the 8th International Day of Yoga in their regular and special classes throughout Austria. There were some programmes organised by Yoga in Daily Life Societies together with the Indian Embassy in Austria and the UN Headquarters in Vienna, and also in Salzburg, Eisenstadt (Burgenland) and Stockerau (Lower Austria).
There were two main celebrations in Vienna, first on Sunday 19 June, at Park Prater and also two days later, on the actual International Day of Yoga, in Vienna International Centre (VIC), which is the UN Headquarters in Vienna.

IDY was also celebrated on 25 June in Salzburg at the Hellbrunn Palace Park, upon the invitation of the Embassy of India, Vienna.
The yoga programme provided for the day, as prepared by the Indian Ministry of Yoga and Ayurveda, is varied and can be done by anyone.  The participants were very enthusiastic about the exercises and were able to take the positive momentum from the exercises home with them.

2022 idy yidl austria 01 villach poster2022 idy yidl austria 02 eisenstadt2022 idy yidl austria 03 salzburg 012022 idy yidl austria 04 salzburg 022022 idy yidl austria 05 salzburg 032022 idy yidl austria 06 vienna prater 012022 idy yidl austria 07 vienna prater 022022 idy yidl austria 08 vienna prater 052022 idy yidl austria 09 vienna prater 062022 idy yidl austria 11 stockerau 012022 idy yidl austria 10 vienna un 04



Yoga in Daily Life Australia organised four free online webinars on four Saturdays in the month of June, each dedicated to one of the four pillars of Yoga in Daily Life: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Health, and broadcast respectively from Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Yoga in Daily Life for Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Wellbeing was a 'curtain-raiser event' organised by Yoga in Daily Life Sydney in cooperation with the Consulate General of India, held on Monday 6th June 2022 at the Consulate General of India Sydney. Around 30 participants enjoyed the lecture, which included some easy yoga techniques.

A special weekend workshop with the topic of 'Build your resilience' was organised by the Australian First Responder Foundation (AFRF) in cooperation with teachers from Yoga in Daily Life Sydney, on June 17-19 2022, in Wyong, rural NSW.

2022 idy yidl australia 06 sydneyashram2022 idy yidl australia 07 sydney embassy


In Brisbane, IDY was celebrated on Sunday 19 June with a special free event: The Ultimate Sequence for the wellbeing of body, mind and soul – Khatu Pranam. With the contribution of local YIDL teachers, the event covered all the different ways of how Khatu Pranam can be practised and gave an introduction to the:

  • physical benefits
  • pranayama – practised in coordination with the breath
  • chakras – practised with concentration on the chakras
  • mantras – practised chanting the Peace Mantra

It was a beautiful day to celebrate together the many benefits of Yoga and Khatu Pranam with an amazing group of people filling up the yoga hall. 

2022 idy yidl australia 02 brisbaneashram2022 idy yidl australia 03 brisbaneashram


As well as providing the 18 June online webinar on the topic of Yoga for Social Health, YIDL teachers in Melbourne provided free in-person yoga classes and meditation sessions on Tuesday 21 June.

2022 idy yidl australia 04 melbourne


Students were happy and grateful to enjoy a special free Seniors Yoga session in celebration of IDY, in Perth, Western Australia.

2022 idy yidl australia 05 perth2022 idy yidl australia 01 senior class perth


On Sunday, 19 June (Fathers' Day), the International Day of Yoga was celebrated on a meadow in Granville Island Market, a popular tourist destination in Vancouver. The children are blessed with a playground right there in the park. The majority of those who attended are new online yoga students and they were very excited to practise in person, meet other students and get to know YIDL and the teachers. The programme was enjoyed by all with a vegetarian lunch of samosas, noodles with vegetables, and fruits. 

This programme was organised by the joint effort of YIDL Society members, teachers and some students. Everyone enjoyed the yoga, friendship and the beautiful atmosphere and students were asking for more outdoor yoga programmes like this. 

2022 idy vancouver can 022022 idy vancouver can 032022 idy vancouver can 01


On 19 June, being a weekend and also Father's Day, the occasion of International Yoga Day was celebrated by students in Haikou, Chengdu and Wuhan in the open air. The sun was shining in all cities. The event was simultaneously celebrated by students from Shanghai, Peking, Hangjou and many other cities, who joined online at 7.30am local time.  Haikou and Changdu (led by yoga teacher Chandra Devi) were giving instructions and led the students in the park, while broadcasting live on Zoom, so on-screen students could also follow along. Surya, Savitri and Om organised the event with lunch in Haikou led by student 敏 (Mǐn).

2022 idy yidl 01 chengdou china 2022 idy yidl 02 chengdou china2022 idy yidl 03 haikou china2022 idy yidl 04 haikou china2022 idy yidl 05 haikou china2022 idy yidl 05 wuhan china 50 yidl students 2022 idy yidl 06 wuhan china2022 idy yidl 07 wuhan china

New Zealand

Teachers, students and members of the YIDL Society of New Zealand celebrated International Day of Yoga with free classes in ashrams and venues in Auckland City and North Shore, Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

idy nz northshore2jpgidy nz northshore1

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