Starting Position:
Meditation Pose

on the Muladhara, Manipura and Vishuddhi Chakras

exhale completely and hold the breath

3–5 rounds

Inhale deeply and exhale fully through the mouth. >Hold the breath out. >Place the hands on the knees, raise the shoulders and tilt the upper body forward slightly, keeping the back straight. >Perform Jalandhara Bandha and concentrate on the Vishuddhi Chakra. >Perform Uddiyana Bandha and concentrate on the Manipura Chakra. >Finally, come into Mula Bandha and concentrate on the Muladhara Chakra. >Remain in this position, with all three Bandhas maintained, for as long as the breath can easily be held. >Release the Bandhas in the same sequence as they were applied. >Inhale deeply and return to the starting position. Breathing normally remain for some time in this position.

Beneficial for the health of the whole body, especially the autonomic nervous system, internal organs, muscles and nerves. Has a positive influence upon the mind.

The precautions given for each of the individual Bandhas are also valid for Maha Bandha.