45 - 60 minutes

Concentration on the Inner Space

  • Concentrate on your inner space (Chidakasha). It is the space that you see in front of you as soon as you close your eyes - the space of your inner consciousness. Continue directing your attention to the breath connected with the Mantra SO HAM - the breath flows naturally. Do not force, see the space just as it presents itself to you, without imagination, without judgement. Observe the light in the inner space and how it changes; perhaps clouds appear there, points or waves of light, different colours and patterns. Remain motionless, relaxed, and quietly observe your inner world. Release all your feelings and thoughts. Just observe (about 10 minutes).

  • Remain with each of the following images, thoughts or feelings for 4-5 minutes.

    • Now imagine that you are sitting in a room and a burning candle is about one metre in front of you. A wonderful harmonious atmosphere fills the whole room.

    • In your inner room see yourself as you sit in front of the candle. You see your hair, your face, ears, nose, eyes, eyelids, shoulders, hands … your whole body, just as it really is. You sit completely peaceful and relaxed in the meditation posture.

    • If this visualisation does not succeed simply remain in your inner space and continue to observe it. Be a witness to your thoughts and feelings and always be conscious of your breath and the Mantra SO HAM. After some time try again to imagine the candle - it stands on a small table in front of you and spreads a soft light throughout the whole room. The flame burns quietly with total stillness, just as your body is also completely motionless.

    • You see yourself sitting in meditation and look at yourself from all sides - from the back, from the side and from the front. Concentrate on the light in the inner room. Just allow the thoughts, visions and feelings to pass by. Do not repel or force anything. View everything as if it were a film.

    • In this meditation hold onto the intention of dedicating all feelings and thoughts to your spiritual development and your higher Self. In your heart feel Bhakti - forgiveness, love and devotion for all living things. Allow these feelings to fill your whole heart. You would like to devote everything for the welfare of all living beings.

    • In your mind recite your personal prayer to that deity or Divine form in which you believe. Mentally repeat: “My soul is in all living things. All living things are in my soul. Love and forgiveness for all beings.”

    • Allow yourself to be uplifted by these feelings. Feel love for all living beings, for your family, your relatives and friends, for all humans and also for the plants and animals.

    • With these feelings chant OM three times. Let the sound of OM, which protects you and all of nature, expand into the Cosmos, and send your good thoughts out into the Universe.

  • Rub the palms of your hands together, place them over your eyes and warm the eyelids and the face muscles. Bring the palms together and bow down. Thank your inner Self for the meditation and the experience that you were allowed to have. Open your eyes.

Your Inner Temple

  • Dive deeply into your inner Self. You may feel it in the Agya, Vishuddhi, Anahata or Manipura Chakra. Concentrate on that Chakra where you feel it best. With this allow yourself to be guided by your inner Self (about 10 minutes).

  • Now expand your inner space outwards. The inner space now seems like the sky - endless, infinite and independent of time and space. Allow the Self to penetrate the boundless space of your consciousness (about 15 minutes).

  • The following sequence gives an example of how you can shape your inner space. Let yourself be guided by your inner Self and your intuition through the space of your consciousness. Stay with each of the following images, thoughts or feelings for 3-5 minutes.

    • In front of you appears a landscape with sparse vegetation. In the far distance, on the horizon, you see a small hill upon which stands a large, radiant temple. You walk towards this temple. You feel very light as though you were floating. Feel that you are not alone on this path - God guides and accompanies you.

    • It is a sunny day, the sky is deep blue. Now you are standing in front of the white marble temple, which shimmers in the sunlight. Touch the marble with your hands. In the shade it feels cool. Where the sun shines on it, it is warm.

    • Slowly the sky changes colour, twilight descends. From everywhere you hear the sound of songs, Mantras and prayers - it sounds like a greeting.

    • You enter the temple and see that inside it is completely empty. This is the temple of your inner Self. It is waiting just for you. It will be as you shape it, therefore furnish it as you wish.

    • On each side of the temple a door is open through which you can see the sky. Through each door the sky has another colour, another dimension. On one side perhaps, radiant blue, on another, totally dark. One side can be blazing red, another pale pink, violet or orange. Lightning flashes, vibrations and sounds radiate from the temple in all directions. You stand in the centre of this phenomenon, which emanates from your own Self.

    • Imagine an altar in the middle of the space within the temple. Decorate it with flowers, candles and sticks of incense - just as you wish. Place a picture of your revered image of God on the altar, or just a light.

    • Feel the presence of Divine power, love, light and peace.

    • Feel how your form changes, how it becomes radiant light, just like a shining star. You are not just a little spark in the Cosmos, but a part of the Cosmos itself. Continue to allow your light to emanate outwards, directing your good wishes and thoughts to all living things.

    • At the same time try to be conscious of all directions - know the endless infinity of your being.

    • Let go of everything, including the temple - feel the unity and oneness with the Supreme. You find yourself now in a completely different dimension. This light is bright and vibrant just like gold and silver. The whole Cosmos breathes. You feel the expansion and contraction of the Universe, which is eternally coming, going and rising again. No form exists any more - only unity and perfect oneness.

    • Remain in this condition of Supreme bliss, in union with the Supreme. See the journey of your soul without form or individuality, your countless earlier lives. You feel neither sorrow nor pain. You are one with the Cosmic soul. All living things are cells of this soul. Feel the unity in everything.

    • Go further into another dimension. The colours around you change. They shine in orange, blue, yellow, green and red. See your own form gliding down from the sky and descending onto the earth radiant like an angel.

    • You are again in your inner space, in your body. You are happy and feel totally pure, radiant and full of spiritual power.

    • Chant OM three times and then the Mantra:





      I am not the doer

      Prabhu Deep is the doer

      Only Mahaprabhu Deep is the doer

      Om, Peace Peace Peace

  • Rub the palms of the hands together, place them over your eyes and warm the eyelids and the face muscles. Bring the palms together and bow down. Mentally thank the inner Self for this meditation. Open your eyes.