Starting Position:
Lie on the back

on the twist along the spine

coordinated with the movement

3 times on each side

Lie relaxed on the back and stretch the arms out sideways at shoulder height. >Inhaling place the left heel between the big toe and the second toe of the right foot. The legs are straight. >Exhaling roll both feet to the right until they touch the floor and at the same time turn the head to the left. Arms and shoulders remain in contact with the floor. >Inhaling return to the centre. Repeat this movement 3 times. >Change the position of the feet and practice the twist 3 times to the other side. >Return to the starting position. Direct the attention to the slow, continuous practice of the twist in harmony with the breath, and to the simultaneous twisting of the head and the legs in opposite directions.

Relaxes and strengthens all muscles that are close to the spine. The deeper layers of back muscles are relaxed and receive an increased supply of blood. Encourages harmonious, deep breathing.

This exercise should not be practiced when there is acute back pain.

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Asanas and Exercises to Relax the Back