Starting Position:

on the movement of the arms

coordinated with the movement

5 times in each direction

Stand with legs slightly apart. Lift both hands and place the thumbs on the shoulders. Raise the elbows sideways to shoulder height. >Exhaling stretch the arms forward horizontally. The palms face downwards. >Inhaling turn the palms outwards and bring the arms in a wide arc out to the side and back, just as in breast-stroke. The arms remain at shoulder height. Repeat the movement 5 times. >Inhaling straighten the arms out sideways and repeat the exercise 5 times in the opposite direction. Lower the arms and return to the starting position.

Strengthens the arms, shoulders and thoracic spine. Stretches the chest muscles and helps to counteract a rounded back. Harmonises and deepens the breath.

Asana is included in the following categories:
Asanas and Exercises to Stretch the Thoracic Spine and Counteract a Rounded Back