Starting Position:
Sit with legs straight

on the back and the Manipura Chakra

coordinated with movement, normal breathing in the position

1-3 times

Sit with the legs straight. The hands rest on the thighs. >Inhaling keep the arms straight and raise them above the head. >Exhaling, keep the back straight, bend forward from the hips as far as possible and hold the toes. Knees remain straight. Try to bring the head forward to touch the knees. >Breathing normally hold this position. >Inhaling bring the body upright keeping the arms straight. >Exhaling place the hands on the thighs.

  • Initially, practice the Asana three times holding each repetition briefly. After practicing this way for some time begin to extend the practice by holding the posture for a few minutes with normal breathing.

Stimulates the Manipura Chakra and life energy. Increases blood supply in the back. Stretches the muscles of the back and along the back of the legs. Activates kidney and pancreas function and aids in achieving a slim figure.

Asana is included in the following categories:
Asanas and Exercises to Support Renal Activity
Asanas and Exercises to Stretch the Back
Asanas and Exercises to Activate the Pancreas (for Diabetes)