Starting Position:

on the relaxation of the whole body

coordinated with movement, normal breathing in the position

3 times

Sit in Vajrasana. Body is straight and hands rest on the thighs. Relax the whole body. >Inhaling stretch the arms above the head, then bring them behind the back and grasp the left wrist with the right hand. >Exhaling bend the body forward from the hips, keeping the back straight, until the forehead touches the floor. The buttocks remain on the heels. >Breathing normally concentrate on the whole body and relax. >Remain in this position for as long as comfortable. >Inhaling slowly bring the body upright. At the same time stretch the arms above the head. >Exhaling return to the starting position.

Calms the mind and the nerves, increases blood supply to the head, increases the ability to concentrate and stimulates digestive function.

Avoid this Asana with high blood pressure or dizziness.

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Asanas and Exercises to Improve Blood Supply to the Head
Asanas and Exercises to Counteract Digestive Problems
Asanas and Exercises to Calm and Balance the Nervous System
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