Starting Position:
Sit with legs straight

on the stretch of the back and hip muscles

coordinated with movement and normal breathing in the position

1–3 times

Sit with the legs straight and wide apart. >Inhaling bring the arms behind the back and grasp one wrist with the other hand. >Exhaling, keep the back as straight as possible and bend forward from the hips along the left leg. Bring the nose to touch the knee. The legs remain straight. >Breathing normally remain in this position for some time and consciously relax the whole body. >Inhaling slowly raise the body. >Exhaling return to the starting position. >Repeat the practice on the other side.

  • Initially, practice the Asana three times holding each repetition briefly. After practicing this way for some time, begin to extend the practice by holding the posture for a few minutes with normal breathing.

This Asana has the same benefits as Paschimottanasana and stretches the muscles along the side of the body and hips.