Starting Position:
Meditation Pose or Standing

on the Manipura Chakra

completely exhale and hold the breath out

3–5 rounds

Completely exhale and hold the breath out. Place the hands on the knees, raise the shoulders and tilt the body forward slightly, keeping the back straight. (To practice this Bandha standing, separate the legs a little and bend the knees slightly.) >Concentrate on the Manipura Chakra, pull the abdominal muscles in and up into the abdominal cavity as far as possible. >Hold the position as long as comfortable. >Release the muscular tension and return to the starting position with a deep inhalation. >Breathing normally remain for some time in this position.

Activates the Manipura Chakra and solar plexus. Stimulates intestinal activity and helps relieve constipation. Stimulates the pancreas and is helpful for diabetes. Strengthens the immune system. Balances the mind, soothes irritability and anger and dispels a depressive mood.

Perform only on an empty stomach! Do not practice this Bandha with high blood pressure.