Starting Position:
Lie on the back

on the whole body as well as on the Vishuddhi and Manipura Chakras

coordinated with movement, normal breathing in the position

each variation once

Lie on the back. The arms lie beside the body with the palms facing up. >Inhaling raise the legs, buttocks and upper body into Sarvangasana. >Exhaling, keep the legs straight and lower them behind the head. The tips of the toes touch the floor and the chin touches the chest. >Breathing normally hold the posture as long as comfortable. >Inhaling raise both legs up into Sarvangasana. >Exhaling slowly return to the starting position.

Variation A (without illustration):
Come into Halasana and support the back with the hands.

Variation B:
Come into Halasana and hold the toes.

Beneficial for the pancreas and digestive system and is therefore recommended for people with diabetes. Activates the Vishuddhi Chakra and Manipura Chakra. Encourages flexibility of the back and stretches the muscles along the back of the legs.

This Asana should not be practiced with high blood pressure or problems of the cervical spine.

Asana is included in the following categories:
Asanas and Exercises to Stretch the Back
Asanas and Exercises to Activate the Pancreas (for Diabetes)