Starting Position:

on the spine

coordinated with the movement

3 times

Sit in Vajrasana. Hands rest on the thighs. The back is straight and relaxed. > Inhaling raise the arms straight in front to shoulder height with the palms facing down. Keeping the back straight, come up onto the knees. > Exhaling bend forward and place the hands on the floor so that arms and legs are at right angles to the floor. Arch the back upward like a cat. At the same time, bow the head down and look towards the navel. The whole spine is arched. > Inhaling, move the back in the opposite direction and raise the head. The whole of the spine is extended and the abdominal muscles are relaxed. Look up as far as possible, so the front of the chest is expanded. Repeat this movement of the back a further 3 times in rhythm with the breath. > Inhaling come up onto the knees again with the arms stretched forward. > Exhaling return to the starting position.

Relaxes the muscles along the spine making it supple and flexible. Strengthens the digestion, relieves menstrual problems and encourages deep breathing into the abdomen and back.

After this exercise relax in Anandasana.