Starting Position:
Lie on the back

on the back

Variation A is coordinated with the breath, Variation B with normal breathing

Variation A 3 times, Variation B 10 times in each direction

Lie on the back.

Variation A - With both legs (without illustration):
>Inhaling slowly and deeply, bend both knees and grasp them with the hands. Exhaling pull the knees towards the body, raise the head and touch the knees with the nose or the forehead. >Inhaling lower the head. >Exhaling straighten the legs out and return to the starting position. Perform this movement 3 times. After the 3rd time remain in the position with the head touching the knees and practice Variation B.

Variation B - Rolling Sideways and Rolling Backwards and Forwards:
>Breathing normally roll the body 10 times to the left and right, and then roll backwards and forwards 10 times. >Exhaling return again to the starting position.

Massages the whole back, improves the flexibility and blood supply to the spine. Stimulates kidney function.